Fish Hunt

Why use a fishing rob when you could use a cannon gun to fire fishing net? Now we brought to you the most awesome fish shooting game with lively ocean biome! ⭐️ Exciting fish catcher in a enjoyable way ⭐️ Many secrets are waiting to be unfold ⭐️ Increase your luck by catching Bullhead shark and see how it does ⭐️ Try to catch Mermaid to reveal treasures of the deep blue see ⭐️ Power up your cannon gun and fire the ultimate laser ⭐️ 3 new boosters enable you to stun the fish, quick-catch or even lure them into a large group ⭐️ Bonus stage leaves lots of rewards and hidden items ⭐️ Catfish, Salmon Fish, Bash Fish and lots of fish now rendered in eye-catching graphics


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