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Flow free – Connect Color Dot

Flow free is a fun, free puzzle game! Connect the dots in a whole new way!

Flow free is an epic and challenging puzzle game in which you must attempt to connect all of the colored dots on each level. This might sound easy, but you have to think hard about the way that you move the colored dots and connect them together as there is only one correct path for each level.

Try and plan your moves beforehand and try to visualize how each dot will join. Remember that you cannot overlap any of the colored lines – each one must only occupy its own space. As you progress the levels will become harder and larger and you will have to create increasingly complex paths. Can you complete every level in Pipe game?

In the tricky puzzle game Flow Mania – Color Flow, you have to connect the coloured buttons by drawing lines linking up the two buttons that form a colour-coordinated pair. To complete each puzzle, all the buttons need to be linked up and all the cells must be in use. You can’t leave any empty cells, and the colourful lines are also not able to cross one another. Can you find a clever way to connect all the buttons? This game features loads of challenging puzzles to complete.

A simple Color Flow – Connect the Dots, yet addictive puzzle game where you connect the dots pairs of colourful dots with pipe. You must create a flow between all of the pairs and also cover the whole board with pipe. Which is not an easy task, because pipes cannot cross or overlap each other. 3 sets of 25 levels await!

Connect dots of the same colour with pipes, creating a flow. You also have to fill the whole board with pipe to solve the level. No crossing or overlapping allowed


✔ Fun dot connecting game with challenging gameplay

✔ 150 levels to beat with varying sizes

✔ Each move is tracked

✔ You cannot overlap any dot tracks

Demo APK : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wEOVrWzI78tymqWFUiABSed_RWt8e8Cq/view?usp=sharing




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