Master Archer


Master Archer (Bow, Arrow, Trajectory, Projectile, AI)

Master Archer is a fun and challenging game template brought to you by Finalboss game studio. In this game, you are controlling a bowman which is rivaled by another AI-controlled archer. You need to carefully choose an angle for your shot, and then apply enough power to it, in order to hit the opponent with your arrows. The AI opponent also does the same thing in his turn. You need to finish your opponent off as fast as possible, before he does the same to you!
– This is a complete game starter kit containing all the mechanics required to build a fully functional archery/bow/shooting game at no time!
– AdMob ad sdk is integrated to help you have a better monetization strategy for your investment.
– Easy to monetize, perfect to learn.
– Fully commented source code in C#
– Supports Android, iOS, WebGL and Standalone platforms.
– Can be used as a base to prototype similar archery/bowman games
– Simple and highly addictive turn-based game-play
– Can be used to build a 2D or a 3D game.
– Mobile friendly (with awesome performance!)
– Extremely flexible to re-skin and re-masterIt works right out of the box! Just download the kit, load it up inside Unity and hit “Build” !!

Wanting to re-skin the game?
Our talented designers are ready to help you with your amazing ideas. Just reach us at [email protected] and we will get back to you asap.

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Origin Link : Master Archer